For:Link day:10/21/09 “Beautiful juxtaposition”

You’re so good at building walls but you can’t keep secrets

What do you have to hide if your children are unkept and unclean

build something beautiful for once in your life

don’t stretch or rush to build something wooden and cold

to build something without foundations or measurements

all uneven and shanty

each step inside is a crack and a hollow thump

why the **** would I want to live here?

Why the **** would I keep my heart in a place like this?

I begged to be let in, to be given a key…

but still you’ve said only this and those parts can come in

leave that and this outside

Somedays the parts that I need you throw out on the front porch like old china

Somedays you drag other parts in from a heavy rain

Such inconsistency. Such beautiful chaos.

I really do need closure though

Even if I’m the “strong” one

I need a fortress of my own

**** this place you’ve built for yourself

Your arms are too weak to lift the bricks

and your legs too thin to push the wheelbarrow

Let me build a home for us

Your house is thin and small

Not enough for the both of us, when you built it all for you

I’ll build a city, a kingdom, an empire to kill the loneliness

Those dark moments at night when i’m piecing you together

from conversations, being asleep with you and the smell when I hold your sweater

close to my face and breathe in the surrounding love

Will stand scared in front of the bright city lights and the towering walls you can see from space

Which is what love really is, our love, I never doubt it.

Just your ability to be loved, and trying to love the only way you know how

That is keeping secrets you don’t keep secret

Building fortresses that dont stand with fortitude

leaving me in pieces where you feel is best to be together

and still learning to accept your fate

a destiny intertwined with me

in a beautiful juxtaposition


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