AN Emo-kid song by: jake

so baby would ya…
break up with me so I
can write a song about it
It’s not to hard to sing but I am
sure that if I shouted
you’d understand that now
I’m in this hardcore band
And we all have squeaky voices
and wear vacuum-fit girl pants
but don’t dis me…
I’m just an emo-kid with style
got my bleach-blonde hair so long that
you can hardly see me smile
but it’s cool yeah
got my new song on cassette
I haven’t seen my girlfriend since
they made the Internet
So why don’t ya read my name tag
it says, “hello, my name is emo-kid”
that we all play guitar and I “cut myself”
“my teen angst has a body count”
some days I wanna
tell the world I’m fine
Oh Dashboard
Why don’t you make a new CD
no need to use acoustics
and sing with
Death Cab for Cutie
Oh Itunes
Why don’t you make another page
that says ” for emo-kids only”
It could distract us from myspace
where we mostly live
and meet all of our friends
if you wanna search me up
my name is ” smile it’s the end “
I heart caroline and X mary-jane
I’d post a giant blog and
have it covered in there names…
So i need some more lyrics for this song,
So post ideas, epiphanies and other junk in the comments so I can finish it.

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