So welcome back my friends to the rights were you were wrong

the past was interfering where the music met the song

that one love that you had which you never made it right

the corner of your soul that holds the loser of the fight

This is my life in this moment now

all around me breathing, composing sounds

This is my heart lieing in my hands

a tight clenched fist or a broken man

We’ll never take the time to look back on traces

of better days we keep in our mind

we’ve blotched out all the dear, old faces

of those who came before our own time

when i defecate the innocent with words I begin to slur

leaving everything behind when my world was a blur

but i’m a prove to my people that i’m more than a crook

never tear away the future like a page in a book

Cause memories will last (If all…)

If I continue to grasp (We hide in..)

all the fun, pleasure and pain I shared in the past (The shadows, in trust, in love…)

i’ll forever live on with my family and friends (is..)

Idolizing every listener from here til the end

I’m gonna hold my ground til i decease and move on

in my soul i will  capture the words to the song

(Where did you get the notes to  play?)

It time to open your eyes and finally realize

that’s theres no surprise in why your still alive.

(Where did you get the love to give away, away)


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