Making a Scene

The whole world is watching now

Go ahead and dance away

Dramatics are your vice

and as you spin blood

fills the stage

Your right in line with them

waiting to get paid


So don’t look at me

And don’t look a her

There’s something in between, a spark that’s living, that’s making it work

And don’t look at them

they’re just an audience

Wasting all their good life, money and time

filling the seats

they’re just trying to make a scene

She’s better at it than me

Everybody loves a fire

but nobody love the truth

and as much smoke as I seem to breath

it always seems to come from you

you’ve had bridges to burn and

lessons to learn but

you never got a clue why

the bridges you’ve burned and

the lessons you’ve learned have

stuck like old tattoos

So act your play again

your part has filled the fool



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