The Difference of Two Clouds is Seven

and the Devil
They don’t know me
cause they don’t try
and the devil
They don’t control me
they just yell out
“pick a side”
says walk this way
This road ain’t paved but
it’s got a heck of a view
but Jesus
don’t throw parties
he hands out hearty handshakes
and “Brother, please pay your
tithe for me”
But we’re just lonely
We love the lies
The world can’t show me
what’s wrong or right
got the mixed drinks
the soft, malt, slightly salted
and hard liquor
Addiction and bedposts
Porcelain crescendos
The symphony of “We partied like
it was 1999″
But he’s got the good seats
The Sunshine
and the fast beats
the lover’s hold
The Lion’s roar
The Flow,The world
He won’t own me
cause He won’t try
The choice is foreseen
the path will lie
so goodbye world
the humans on there feet
here’s your receipt
don’t come again
The Lord is done
the race was won
and Satan turned his cheek
so Goodbye…
So Goodbye….
So Goodnight….
it’s all

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