For: Link Date:10/26/09 “Sharks”

A deep, dark ocean

quiet,bubbling sounds

trickle up to the surface of the water and

pop like piano keys under able hands

Two sharks swim side by side through the music of the deep blue

One is scarred

The other is unscarred

They can’t stop waving their tails back and forth or they will sink, implode and die

They both still smile with large, sharp, toothy grins

beneath the scars of one lies a deep fear of the darkness under her

beneath the tight, silver, unmarred skin of the other lies a deep fear of losing her to the below

How deep would he plunge to grasp her between his teeth,

hold her fin and resurface beneath a Pacific sunset?

Would he fight those smart, devious, deadly dolphins?

Would he kill a giant, attention-getting, manipulatively suffocating, dramatic squid?

Could he ignore the lights of the deep ocean fishes and creatures with glowing, oversized teeth

littered with the bones of the others who could not choose to raise their eyes from the burning desire to swim

closer to the light?

The eels creep below, beneath rocks and shadows waiting for blood like malicious sinners

who lie in wait by trees in front of hidden and covered holes and traps

How far will i swim with her?

In this same direction til the coast?

Will we climb up onto the sand and evolve like we should

or will we turn and swim in the other direction?

back were we came from, up to the cold or down to the warmth.

Am i forever drowning and breathing? never sleeping consciously?

Half my brain is always active and moving, swimming from my death and fears.

For now I will swim with her endlessly in the blue light just at the edge of the top of the ocean.

Our dorsal fins will split the surface of the water, two twin structures, strong, resolute and together

amongst the unsureness of the waves and the constant fluidity of the water we live in.

but we will laugh at the fleeing tourists and fishermen scared at a display of friendship and love.

We will swim forever together in the the horizon of the ocean outlined by that Pacific Sunset

that I had brought you to see in the first place, the first time I grabbed you from so deep beneath these waves.

We enjoy this breath of fresh water, for now we are sharks in a perpetual dependence.

I need somone to save, and i need someone to save me when i decide that swimming is no longer fun or worth

its energy spent.

You think I’m the cutest Chondrichthyes you have ever smelt or seen and have a nice tail fin.

You’re glad to be protected and hate dolphins, squids, deep ocean creatures and eels as much as me.

You are in love, shark love is the best. I’m glad i found a shark like you.

P.S.: Scars make you look attractive and dangerous. ((Swivels tail fin in an excited motion))


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