Another day, Another car door opened…

Like if she bares herself one more time

to peek from behind her wall

the pains of the world will burn her once again

she has no trust in anything other than the ground, her car brakes and sometimes the chairs.

Her hazel eyes look down in conversations when

no one holds her beautiful face at attention with theirs

She offers the most empathetic smile with barely any contact

she can before returning to her keep

She has no friends in this world to keep

and she is still the loneliest of all.

He is distracted by birds, people’s quirks and laughter

and girls he can see from across the street

Everyone looks like someone he’s met

and he realizes the potential for friendship

in every unknown face

his eyes are honest and brutal

He is silly and unkept

He trusts too much like a sparrow

who has been fed one too many times

He builds no walls cause he

enjoys the sunlight and car exhaust far too much

but why is she with him?

does she truly hide herself or something

that is part of her? or within her?

that she is ashamed of?

she knows her body is flawless

but what decrepit scars on her soul

will she bare with an honest smile?

She will remain in her fortress holding

the friendly boy close

until he is her only defense

There is no grace in her step

she focuses what’s left of her poise

to her smile

Although she throws up the happiness

on her face she keeps it clean for

everyone who is watching

She is no darkness junkie

She has nothing on her blade but the spotlight

She is no angel of light neither

Old Castles aren’t particularly lighted well

She is a lover unloved.

She is a sinner sainted.

and an architect with no measure.

She is not herself.


3 thoughts on “Another day, Another car door opened…

    1. Thanks Maggie i wrote this one while looking at some random lady drinking coffee who had sad eyes and I could tell something was wrong with her but her friends couldn’t cause they were laughing and she acted like it was all entertaining and funny. It was rather sad i eventually made friends with her but never told her i wrote this about her in inspiration. hehe…

  1. Really? Wow. That is quite amazing, of course. I really need to try to write from inspiration than just aspects of my own life, you’re really good at looking into things ;p. I am not as great.

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