You tell me not to go

I tell you where the heck would I go?

There’s a danger, there’s a tragedy, a tornado

How could I leave you all alone?

I’d rather wait in the cellar with you

I’d cuddle close til this whole thing is through

and then we’d climb up to the top and stand without a doubt

Together we’d fix the pieces of our broken house

You say paint me a picture

I’d say I’m just a stowaway

But we’d find love inside our pictures

and stand at helm to sing across the waves

Until our ship would hit an iceberg

and our bodies off the boat

I’ll capture you and swim you til we come afloat

Then i’ll wait in the darkness in the depth of the snow

and I’ll never leave this life until you tell me i could go.

We grew up a thousand years apart

You knew i was out there form the start

As our bodies crashed together the planets align

i felt stars across your lips and an aurora down your spine

But we’d find that the universe needs a hero

and we’d find that these people didn’t need a reason

We’d find that we’re older than the passing seasons

We’d find ourselves in the passion of the (ooooooh)

[Musical Interlude]


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