Page 1: The Story of Us

He touches his forehead with the tip of his hand

and winces in pain, squinting his right eye, shuddering

He glances over his shoulder at the girl hunched for attack in the corner

Her back against the deep darkness, hands tied behind her hips

His eyes glint with the light of lantern, fluttering and warm

his hands tremble with weakness and burdens, like those of an aged carpenter

He makes a terrible fist, inhales his atmosphere with a heavy sigh and turns,

wrists flexing from the weight of his breaking, cold hands

As he shuffles towards the girl in the darkness

his bright eyes expose her soft skin, pale from the lack of Son

She is blindfolded, “There’s no telling how long she’s been down here…”, thinks the boy.

Her attractive, scarred physique is illuminated by the shadows cast in the light of his irises

She turns quickly to the side in a sense of wariness, revealing her bonded arms and wrists

tied and sown with floss, fishing wire and all colors of thread and twine

bleeding and dripping with caked blood from where the sinews tore from movement

He breathed in and coughed from her stench and sight

It smelt like burnt hair, flesh and sweat, he grimaced, viscerally

as he was getting closer… He held out his arms to his sides to catch her if she ran,

whispering softly that it was okay,

despite the torn skin over his eye from previous attempts

Her mouth slips open to catch a breath of thick, hot, dark air

in it two pieces of metal slide and click on her teeth

She moans some unintelligible words muffled no doubt by the metal in her mouth

She jerks as he takes a slow step forward, tilting her head to listen for his every sound and breath

the shuffle of his feet across the wood floor

She shivers and jumps back suddenly a few times out of the light of his eyes

He continues forward cautiously, but she has slipped somewhere off

in the darkness, and for a moment

she sounded beautiful.

To be Continued….


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