10 Tracks for the Dance-Addict-Crazy-Face

A list of sick electronic tracks for your brain melting pleasure (or the pleasure of your Ipod, that is, if it was real, oh wait it isn’t real?)

Track 1.

I’ll Get You (feat. Jeppe) by Classixx:

The crazy Japanese-ish mumbling is kinda lame if it wasn’t saved by that ear-pleasuring aura bell synth, but nevertheless as soon as he asks that great question, long asked and pondered in the universe, “Do You Like Bass?”; you feel better about yourself and suddenly your appendages begin to wiggle to the beat. Yes it’s fine let it take you over. Hahahaha!

Track 2.

Everything’s a Miracle by Swimming with Dolphins:

Stop and Start and Stop and Start.
So will your dancing.

Track 3.

Crimewave (feat. Health) by Crystal Castles:

Autotuned voices on top, boop-de-boop in the middle and bouncing bass lines underneath. You gotta wait for that boop-de-boop sandwich to hit your ear stomach and your heart will skip a beat just a bit as you walk to your favorite spot and the snare drum SNAP! matches your footsteps.

Track 4.

Carby (feat. Ezra Koenig) by Discovery:

Who Dis? The keyboardist from Vampire Weekend decided that in between cataclysmically amazing albums he would lay down a few tracks that make you move with himself. Recognize the voices? I mean come on can you resist a song with words “Freedom” and “Disco” sung by Ezra Koenig?

Track 5.

Walking on the Sun by Empire of the Sun:

Empire on the Sun takes an old world and puts it to new lyrics and technology. Just listen to that falsetto voice, its almost gotta a Michael Jackson quality to it.

Track 6.

My Moon, My Man (Boys Noize Classic Mix) by Feist & Boys Noize:

Didn’t know she could sing that low or move that fast. Love it. or Hate It. Boys Noize still Rules.

Track 7.

Sad, Sad City by Ghostland Observatory:

Tell me the truth! Its amazing but simple! Smash!

Track 7.

Hazel by Junior Boys:

Booshoop! This is a side-to-side headbanger, like Will Ferrel in A Night at the Roxbury. haha!

Track 8.

Cities in Dust (feat. Lauren Rocket) by Junkie XL:

Slap and Walk Away type of track, Junkie XL never leaves anyone disappointed haha.

Track 9.

In Anima Vili by Just a Band:

Sooooo cool listen in 480p for best results so you can here that sick bass line drop in after the intro.

Track 10.

Little Secrets by Passion Pit:

Me and my girlfriend drive around listening to this song.
When it gets to the higher and higher and higher part we lift up our hands and push the ceiling up to the beat.
Needless to say, People stare and laugh.
Yes, this song is that good.


12 thoughts on “10 Tracks for the Dance-Addict-Crazy-Face

    1. Well thank you very much. I love it when I have some good people actually paying attention to my stuff. I work fairly hard on it so its good that I have an audience. Make sure to subscribe so you will receive an email when I post new stuff! The idea for this blog (if that’s what you mean) came from a need to have a place to store my online portfolio as I am starting a fresh career as a web/graphic/multimedia designer (AKA Digital Artist). The site serves dual purpose as a place for me to post my ideas and lyrics and favorite stuffs and also represent the professional side of my business. Thanks for you Interest and comment!

    1. Thanks dude, awesome of you to drop by and check everything out! Make sure you and your friends subscribe so next time I post something you’ll get an email telling you i have. Thanks for your visit and comment!

    1. For Sure! The comparison of Luke Steele (lead singer of Empire of the Sun) to MJ was obviously an exaggeration. NO-ONE can beat the King of Pop except maybe William A. Mitchell (the dude who created Pop Rocks) haha jk.

    1. Yeah? haha. Well Lindsey started it. You know how she is. My Honey…the spaz. It’s a great song if you’re interested in more electronic music I’m going to post another Electric like your Air Conditioner play list for the Spring Season. haha. Thanks for your “patronage” Tabitha! It’s awesome that your checking out the blog!

  1. My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

    1. Yes it is my hobby. But also a place for me to store my design portfolio. Thanks for your comment Piter. If you wish to speak in your native language go ahead, I have translators on this web page that translate for me. Thanks keep coming back or subscribe.

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