The Consequences of Never

Look in the mirror

Who do you see?

Is it you or the person you’re supposed to be?

Deep, Heavy Sighs




Close your eyes

Dig Down Deep

Remember that day in 4th Grade?

You said you’d never let anyone feel the pain you’ve felt

Open your eyes

See all the broken hearts around you

Close your eyes

Dig down deep, again

Remember the day in 5th Grade?

You said you’d never kiss anyone.

Open your eyes

See the lip marks stained on your skin.

Close your eyes

Dig even Deeper

Remember the day in 6th grade?

You said you’d never smoke

Open your eyes

See the dark clouds fill up your lungs.

Close your eyes


Remember the day in 7th grade?

You said you’d never cut again.

Open your eyes

See the object in your hand

Watch the blood slowly seep from the lines on your arms

Your hips

Your thighs

Your shoulders

Your wrists

Your blood

Forming a pool beneath you

Shut your eyes in terror

But secretly not wanting to

Dig even deeper than ever before

Remember the day in 8th grade?

You said you’d never be like those other girls

Slowly open your eyes, see the fake girl made up

In Lies

In makeup

In long, curled hair

In deceitful feelings

Shut your eyes fast

With bare hands dig deeper

Remember that day in 9th grade?

You said you’d never give up

Open your eyes once again

Come on now, you have to see this

This is reality.

See your careless thoughts scrawled on the wall


“I don’t care anymore, who gives a s*** anyway”

“It’s over, I give up!!”

“There’s no more left…”

You said these things

Close your eyes hoping this is where it stops


There’s one more…

Remember that day in 10th grade?

You said you’d never hate yourself

Open your eyes reluctantly

See the dark, black hate inside of you

Burning a permanent hole inside

Watch the mistakes you’ve made and make

Sit in your room

When noone’s watching

And tell yourself,

“What a stupid, good-for-nothing, pitiful, ugly, selfish, heartless B****!!”

“You can’t do anything right!! Go die and stop ruining people’s lives!!”

You told yourself those things at night

Shut your tear-filled eyes and let out a whimper

Hang you head low


Force yourself to look at all the disastrous perplexity

You’ve become.

Close your eyes

Fall to your hands and knees

Let out an inhuman scream of






Try and hold back your tears

Oh those tears

Your pride pushes you

but that unforgiving knot in your throat pushes harder

Your pride mocks you in dissapointment

You crawl to that dark corner

Crying your pitiful tears

Trying to stop the memories

Trying your hardest to stop the temptations

Trying even harder to shut your mind off

You sit there

Whispering lies to make yourself “feel better”.

Tell yourself you can’t leave until you fix

Your problems

Those choices you’ve made

Made today’s reality

Don’t you get it?


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