Hot like the Summer Concrete

Music that’s hot like the summa streets next to yo momma’s house when you walkin’ to Circle K to get a Slurpie, Yo!

1. A Beautiful Mine – RJD2

Yeah…that’s right all you Mad Men addicts are hyperventilating. This is the man himself, The one and only RJD2. This guys makes trip-hippity-hip-hop-happenin beats for no apparent reason at all.

HIP HOP without SOCIAL CAUSES or LYRICS? One Word: Refreshing.

Great to do your studying to.

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Cornbread, Eddie and Me

Work It Out (I’ve Blogged About This Song, Click Here for the Post)

2. Restless – Glue

Glue is the mixture of Adeem , DJ DQ and Maker.

They stick boodle-dee-doo bass lines, Jesus as the Best Social Cause You Can Have and that slap-you-straight snare right to your face.

Just try and pull it off…I dare you. You’ll get your face hip-hopped off if you do.


3. Give Myself – Braille

I showed this to my future wife.

She smiled and kissed me. This song is creepy its so much like me and her.

“I know I’m not Jesus but I wanna love her like He does.”

4. Sun – Caribou

It’s not exactly hip-hop, but its close enough for pants especially the kind so starched you can stand them up in a corner by themselves…gangster humor…anyway…

Caribou is like the Thom Yorke of Electronic Music. I’d love it if they got together with Atmosphere and laid down a sick track.


5. From The Outside – Deepspace 5

The righteous, self-proclaimed goofballs of Christian Hip-Hop.

Watch out Family Force Five, These guys have more creative music videos than you.

All I have to say is keep on preachin’ the good word to a good beat, brothas.

6. Holding On – Mr J. Medeiros

Once again, she just smiled when she heard this tune, except she said “Hmm…interesting” this time. This  is such a well done music video. Mr. J Medeiros is a rapper you SHOULD pay attention to. That is all.

“I’m on your side.”

ATTENTION! This is extremely important – The message in the following link is more disturbing, depressing, bothersome and adult than anyone can possibly imagine!


by Mr. J. Medeiros and let it scratch on your heart’s chalkboard. I didn’t put it in this post because it is depressing.

7. Revenge of The Nerds – KJ-52 with Pigeon John

I have always loved these two. KJ52 and Pigeon John…Together!?…The world just tilted the wrong way a bit.

And if you didn’t think that that video was hilarious enough…click THIS. You will laugh.


8. I Just Wanna Go Home – Theory Hazit

It’s a hard life for Theory Hazit.

He’s a momma’s boy…yep…

The animation is well done the story is tear-wrenching and the conclusion divine. What else could you ask for in a hip-hop song about coming home?

The Answer: Nothing.

9. Miss January – The Procussions

Let go of Ms. January. But don’t let go of this song.

The Procussions include Mr. J Medeiros, Stro th e89th Key, and Qq.

Yeah like you already don’t have enough to remember, think they could’ve been anymore ostentatious?

10. They Call Me… – Surreal and the Sound Providers

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