Coma – Snap out of It, Ring the Dore Bell, This World is a Lie.

A great little art/puzzle sidescroller from Atmos Games.

Basically, there’s three reasons why you should play Coma:
1. Its got great noise and sound.
2. It looks and feels great to play.
3. It makes you think a little but not too much.

The ambient noise, sound effects for the verbally challenged citizens and the wonderful, AMAZING music that fills the game is just dreamy. (no pun intended). Thomas Brush, the artist of the game, has made some considerable leaps towards Band of Horses meets Fleet Foxes meets Explosions in the Sky for a soundtrack. I mean is this the end of the world? Such great transitions as the music barely even changes but just continues to become more complex as you progress in the game.

It looks great too. I mean the black-and-white contrast in the levels, the lovely hand-drawn foliage, the dopey, cute black lumps of the characters, reactive water and flowers and lamps and pianos! Oh my. The controls are grand as they can be tricky at first but are much more reliable than many puzzle side-scroller games I’ve played before.

The game makes you think, especially about what the actual plot is. I mean seriously what is this all about? uhhhh..we’ll get back to you on that one. But it’s a great puzzler, not a mindtwister. It’ll make you stop and think and wander a bit but its not like Daymare Town, where three days later you’ve pulled your hair out and are scrolling through the spoilers looking for the clue to find that sixth Chinese puzzle piece.

So try it here it  is:


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