Don’t You Break My Heart, Andy Smith

Paper Route Live, yes that’s live music people. This is when Paper Route was in their prime and glory.

Something that most artists that won the Grammy’s this year cannot produce without that “human element” of music which Paper Route so readily and surely posseses. ( I’m with you Dave Grohl)

Sadly, they are not entirely the same band as their co-writer and singer, Andy Smith, the man in the hat in the first video, is no longer around to sing and contribute to Paper Route.


Andy Smith IS in this shnazzy little band named, Brother Leather, in which they need to release a dang ALBUM already (2 1/2 years in the making) or do some publicity (they only have a facebook page and website that links to birds and dancing fat guys) or maybe a freaking clue or PR statement telling all of your lovely fans why you’re gone, letting Paper Route sound terribly strange and different!

Why did you leave this amazing band; to create another amazing band who only plays live “shows” in their kitchen!?

Anyway, Enjoy the new tunes and bands. They’ll keep you coming back or, more likely, leave you hanging.


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