Wasps in the Woodpile


What you really feel, oh I can’t wait

To invite the fire in and let it stay

underneath the skin of what I take


that the girls I’ve used don’t see themselves that way

that the moments  spilled, don’t flush my soul away

that I don’t see my son like me someday


nothing in the good book that I could say

to take that word and all its weight away

if you tie down the fear, you tie its prey


a word you’ve been using as of late

talking about sharp edges and escape

from the pain

from the tight cages they’ve made

from the day

and their games and the faces we’re forced to make.

What do we get from Lust!?

Give me one good reason

to stop fighting wars for us

I’m a different person

true oh

Love is the respit of death

truth oh

disguising lies as a bet

truth oh

saying things under our breath

truth oh

listening for clues in our bed


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