Sex Appeal

I run through this forest

The light through the trees

Keeps my eyes seeing in front of me

My mouth sings what my heart feels

Not knowing what, who’s ears

Are listening to

My wisdom, my apparent judgment

My mask hides me

In my advisement

Keep talking about it

Each word fills with new meaning

The forests creatures

Begin singing…

What am I to do now?

These words were not meant for them

Where is this forest princess?

Where is her heart’s avail?

My sword trembles at a sound

My feet slide as I listen

The trees move and sway

As they make a path for these witches

These voices these many songs

They are unlike any I’ve heard

Their beauty and terror

Come from deep within they’re words

They twist the air and reflect the Captain

Such gloom and despair, such lonely compassion

These voices many are not so

For a beautiful, only goddess is dancing to and fro

Singing such sad

Songs to the forest and all within it

The creatures their ears turn upward and listen

My hand resting on hilt of my blade

My eyes open as my mouth is dismayed

My heart is wary but curious the same

What power rests in such a beautiful grave?

My mother told me of such enchanting mistresses

There eyes hold a fire and there hearts are in stitches

They feast on the life of men like me

They feast on our kindness, our passion, our glee

Their hands are smooth and swift

Their bodies are curvaceous, they lift

And float above your own

Sooner and sooner turning it

Into bone

But these boys and these sirens

They see not the rocks and the waves

They’re ships are too sturdy

Their crews are too brave

I can fix this, I can change this

I have the answer to this too.

But the sirens push them forward

Till they’re fifty under the blue.

She turns and stares and smiles at me

My head turns aside my heart wants to flee

Her face shows no flaw, her body no scars

Her feet float off the ground and her eyes are like stars

“My past I feel I’ve killed many a dream

Very few a man but I’ve tugged at their seams

My future is yours if you’ll give me your lead”

She whispered softly deep into my heart

Her hands rested on my face

Her body next to mine

Such scents, such skin, such light

Her dress wrapped around me

I dropped my hands off my sword.

Her arms rest on my shoulders

And her hands opened a door.

“Come my friend, you are tired and dead

From long days of traveling

Your voice needs rest”

My mind was stopped and my body controlled

My heart was open and so was my soul

I stumbled into the light as she

Held my hand to the door and as

I took my first step in

She laughed in a roar.

Her smile and the sound
it had convicted all else I’d observed

My trust, my power was now only hers

In such a soft friendly voice she whispered again to me

“You’re mine you know and I to thee”

My heart began beating and my mind was ablaze

The light seemed less blinding and

My soul not afraid.

I grabbed her hand and dropped down my blade

My armor, my shield, my gauntlets, my steel

My protection was gone

My body could feel

How did you know that I was the one?

How did you know that I was so alone?

“I didn’t” she replied

“I just thought you were cute.”

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