Sharks in the Snow, I Will Meet My Lover Clean and other scribblings with “red” in them between

The sun is up and the snow is melting with it

It is shining while they are both falling slowly

they will both never stop collapsing

No matter the wonder of that concept

It is disconcerting and unnatural

It does not bring joy to know it will all be gone

after so short a time of innocence and purity

when it is so rare in the first place

the mud is black coming up through the white

Like blood in water

where there are no sharks circling in the snow yet

but I hear them when it is building

I see them in the speed of their descent

and I feel their mischief in my hand when I crush the snow together

biting my palms, until they bleed water, and they are white too

and I throw them at you.


Fluorescent lights next to the staircase outside

Look at them long enough, think about something sad and cry

don’t wipe the tears

the outline is a counterfeit rainbow

missing red

and so it is a lie

We can see where we’re going in the day enough without having to kill someone’s
belief in light.


Everything freezes

Then the actor breaks the fourth wall so he can explain to the audience

that this is the point when the hero finds out he is being lied to

but the hero is talking about himself

and someone lied to him about being deceived

when he finishes and turns and walks back to the stage

the situational and dramatic irony smash into the viewer like a wave of blood

a knife is in his back

no one involved knows where it came from

and we’re all better people for knowing it

and everyone was just reading their lines.


I hand you my keys, my wallet, my cellphone, my necklace, my knife,

I take out my headphones , take out my contacts, spit out my false teeth,

took off my tie, my shirt, my shoes, my pants, my socks, my underwear

and I took a cold shower, and brushed my teeth with gasoline and a wire brush

I spit out the blood on the ground

Red, clever smile

“Now you can love me.”


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