After You, Mr. Ghost

Go on and take on all our dreams
I’ll be on tour and you can’t leave
hold up the kids with just two strings
and try to breathe

We had alot when we were young
but we traded the water in for rum
married the pirates that sold us some
but we never thought of sails

Give the ghost
a little room for up
stop dragging in the guilt like a cat drags in the day
let’s give up
being the steady ones
the weight of love never gives way to holding up your end
don’t mention it
I don’t need a thing but you
we find its hard to
be someone we know
yet we never knew

I held your hand when we were friends
we sat in the shower to hide from him
peeked through the blinds every time when
a car drove by

We drive as far as we can think
before the signal gets too weak
a bird in a cage always sings
unless her baby’s crying


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