I keep having the same daydreams

Misunderstanding the future
forgo your disbelief in the possibility of eating the pie
Do not tempt her with any farthing-like sensibility
Get over yourself, you confused soul.

Authenticity is the only thing that sells anymore
There’s not even a market for picking a side
Convince me I’m right to sell me more shoes
For every shoe you sell, one goes to a fish in need

Video games are the eternal resonances of realities’ mirrors
Assuring us that control isn’t the only thing that separates us from animals

Light a journal on fire and its ideas exist in the air where they’ve been the whole time
in the air with the rest of the Internet

My ears are far too big and no one listens to me

Turtles dreaming about exploring the desert in a good pair of slacks
Wandering pre-determined paths like a wizard who burns his dirty laundry with magic.

Cauldrons boil over when you ignore their feelings
but when watched closely evade even the slightest resemblance of domestication.

A hornet isn’t yellow with black stripes, its a yellow wolf in black sheep’s clothing.

Uselessness assumes that utility is a feature of experience
when experience is a feature of utility.

Anything greater than humanity is bound to treat your plans
like a rooster regarding the theory of relativity.


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