How to Quit Your Job and Enjoy It

Before I was barreling through the tunnel
tighter, faster, more death and friction
fear and fear and fear
flying past the flashing lights and screaming sirens
hyper focused on every shot, evading every riposte
the voices of power droning in my earpiece
“Abandon Ship”
“Stay the Course”
“It’s a Trap”
“Don’t mess this fucking shot up or we’ll all be homeless”

After I was dancing through the gallery
lighter, thoughtful, more time and more inertia
pain and pain and pain
wandering past the weeping faces and suspicious eyes
Caressing every line of the pallid faces with my swelling heart
Crushing against each corner, the edges of the oil paint pull my tissues
ripping, gushing and spilling until you can’t tell the difference
between my eyes under the blood or theirs beneath the paint


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