Undone Dishes

You ever wake up from a dream
To get a drink of water
But you’re still in the fucking dream
And then you hear your grandfather crying

What the sam hill were you thinking
I really wish you weren’t such an idiot
I can’t believe I spent my life working for you

You ever get stuck in a dream
Where you can’t move your body
And you’re screaming for relief
But it’s hissing air in your throat

And you can feel the demons breathing
Their hands and hair surrounding your neck and face
You catch a breath only when you get used to them

You ever have recurring dreams
Of your family fighting
And you can’t find a way to leave
As they scream from the porch to the street

We are the ones you owe the most, baby
You turn and run now and your dead to us
How could you miss your grandfather’s funeral

You know we don’t talk about that
When you were born, he became another man
We loved him just the way God made him


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