Who Am I?

What I Do Most of the Time Other than Being Weird

I work as a freelancer designer and writer.

I write alot, maybe too much.

I am a musician. So I write music too. As well as lyrics, poems, short stories and things that don’t have labels that accidentally fall off your mind when you’re not paying attention to your pencil.WP_20140420_008

I’m was in a band called Entry Lights I play in SMITH now.

I go to college… for Media Design.

I have a son.
And a girlfriend.
And a truck.
And a cat.


Where I Be

I am 25. I live in a small apartment in a bad/good part of town.  I spend time in
coffeehouses, and other various artist magnets like brick walkways, small couches, places where they sell coolness and establishments where people smoke cigarettes outside.

Music and It’s Friends
Oggl_635335273291618943.jpgThe music is my ultimate goal. To make a song that everyone knows or just the best kind of song that people love to sing and burn onto CD’s to give to their closest friends and total strangers. I embrace all branches of music and I will try and represent myself to the world in the best way that the music can. That is the music in my head, clear, concise and singable and more importantly that obtuse, bulky, wordy kind that comes from my heart. I’ll share it all.


Copyright Issues

20160522_224216If you like what I write or create please don’t steal. I will know, find out who you are,
where you live and my rabid, ghost, bounty hunter will track you down and fustigate you with a broom handle. So really copying stuff and putting it on your blog or book or article or Magic Bus without asking me is like stealing. So be cool. Most of the stuff I post is copyrighted. So the men with suits and ties upstairs will attack you too. Just tell me if you want to publish my stuff somewhere else. Because if you take files and download them, I can see, We can all see! hahaha!


I Love You All

P.S.: If you’ve actually read this far, I Love You… No really, what’s your name?


8 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Dear not-Jake,

    I blundered onto your blog from mine because WordPress puts these links that say “possibly related” at the bottom of my posts. I thought, wait a minute, I don’t WANT stuff I don’t know about tacked onto my stuff. So clicked the link so I could know about it.

    You are a very out-there guy. I respect that. You think too much. I have the same problem/blessing. I think I’d like to publish your poem “Life is Like Candy…” on one of my sites, PoetryBridge. What do you say?

    1. Wow, Thank you very much.
      Blundering onto new things is a blessing as well.
      I would definetely approve you posting my “poetry” on your site, just give me the cred (Jake Smith) and send me the link in the comments!
      Muchos Gracias! (Spanish for : Thank You Very Much!)

  2. Hey NotJake – I went back to the site for the poem and now I can’t find it. I think it was on the front page and got changed. It was set up in a font that looked like an old typewriter but with the lines on red strips. I should have screen-shot it then – dumb of me not to. Please send that one to moreaboutthis (at) gmail.com.

    I think you should get a site-search-box for your blog so people can always find anything. There’s a free one called FusionBot that does a good job and is easy to customize.

    The site where the poem will go is at http://home.earthlink.net/~poetrybridge You can send it to me or send it from the PoetryBridge site. Thanks. Keep writing. It’s good for the soul.

    1. Wow, it looks awesome. Thank you so much for promoting my “art”. And comments on the web design are greatly appreciated. It takes alot more work than is perceived, as it is with every product of artistic focus. If you’d like to read more lyrics or poetry, click the “lyric” and “love” sidebar buttons on my website. Once again, THANKS!

  3. Jake,
    Wow you’re blog is amazing. You’re music is even more amazing. Your design for UNM is even more amazing! All in all, I have to say you’re just an amazing person! Love the blog! Hope to talk to you soon. Hope everything is well…


    1. Wow! Thanks! I update regularily so keep on coming back thanks. I’m having a very busy time at UNM. Website Design is fun it’s really what I’ve wanted to do with my life other than music. Muchos Gracias for the comment!

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